Is Metal Roofing The Best Option For Cold Weather?

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Is Metal Roofing The Best Option For Cold Weather?

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Is Metal Roofing The Best Option For Cold Weather?

Metal roofing offers many benefits to your property. Some people recognize that a metal roof enhances the value of homes.  Welcome back to our blog post section! Today, we’re going to answer if a metal roof is the best option for cold weather.

Advantages of a Metal Roof

It’s important to be prepared for the extreme weather that comes in this cold season. The snow, ice and even rain can be the perfect enemy if you don’t own a sturdy roof.

Roofs constructed from metal are also aesthetically appealing. Moreover, metal roofs are very durable. So, it can withstand the snow and heavy wind. The snow and ice slide right off the metal surface preventing leaks and heavy icicles.

Besides, a metal roof also includes heating cables and snow guards. Both are designed to stop sheets of snow from sliding off the roof at once.

metal roof is perfect for snowNew technologies that come with a metal roof allow snow to trickle over the sides. This happens when the temperature rises above forty degrees. With this design, you can take some of the stress out of winter storms and ice.

Now, talking about durability, asphalt roofs last on average 17 years. A metal roof, on the contrary, lasts on average three times as long as asphalt roofs. Moreover, metal roofs are usually cheaper to install and cheaper to maintain compared to asphalt roofs. However, its initial price is high.

roof with snowMetal roofs also come in more varied looks than clay tile, cedar shake or slate. You can even select the color and finish of the metal. However, the main difference and benefits between metal and other roofing materials are its resilience to the elements.

Therefore, heavy storms, temperature changes, extreme winds or even the sun’s UV rays won’t represent a threat to your property.  As an extra, metal roofs reflect heat from the sun to reduce cooling expenditures in the hot months.

So, all these benefits and advantages make a metal roof the winner against Mother Nature. If you want more information about the best services in the area, click here for more.

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