Why You Should Install Tar and Gravel Roofing

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Why You Should Install Tar and Gravel Roofing

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why you should install tar and gravel roofing

Built-up roofs have been in use in the U.S for more than a century. They have become one of the most popular roofing systems. They offer great benefits such as durability, waterproofing, cooler indoor temperature, and much more. Today, we’ll tell you why you should install tar and gravel roofing.

Here is Why You Should Install Tar and Gravel Roofing!

What Is Built-up Roofing or Tar and Gravel Roofing?

Tar and gravel roofing is a low-slope roof type. The installation of this roof type consists of installing onto the roof alternating layers of plies and bitumen membranes with an extra layer of aggregate material (stone or gravel).

In fact, a BUR roof can have from three to five ply sheets of asphalt membranes. The number of layers can vary, depending on your budget.

Comparing Tar and Gravel Roofing with other Roofing Types

We can say that this type offers excellent durability. Built-up roofing can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance. In the case of a metal roof, it can easily last more than 50 years.

Our tar and gravel roofing can easily outlast shingle roofing since the expected lifespan of any shingle roofing is from 10 to 15 years.

Some of the roofing materials that don’t even compete regarding longevity with built-up roofing are wood shingle roofing, wood shake shingle roofing, and composite shingle roofing.

What are the Installation Methods of BUR Roofs?

In simple terms, there are two installation methods: hot and cold.

Roofer Installing Cautiously Hot Asphalt Built Up Roofing

Hot BUR Roofing Type

The hot built-up roofing is done by using either asphalt or coal tar. These materials are heated in a kettle or tanker, and when they are boiling, they are used to install all ply sheets.

In these days, ballasted asphalt is the most used material since it provides an excellent and neat finish surface. In addition to that, this material is an excellent fire retardant.

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Hire Experts Only to Handle the Job!

One thing you should be aware of is that installing the hot BUR roof type is dangerous. Roofers will be working with fire. Take a look at the picture above to get a hint how dangerous this job can be.

When applied, hot built-up roofing gives off toxic fumes. Thus, roofers should always use masks, glasses, and other protective wear.

So it must be clear that you should not trust just anybody for this project.

Instead, you must choose only experienced roofers to do this job.

Inexperienced roofers have a higher risk of starting a fire. Also, some companies might tell you they are fire covered and charge you a low price. But be careful because they might be lying to get your business.

Here at Superior Contracting II Inc., we have more than 25 years of experience. Over these two decades, we have provided safe, affordable, and lasting roofing solutions for all our valuable clients.

You can be the next homeowner or business owner that is proud of his roof if you decide to work with us. Don’t doubt to call us to get a free estimate on your project.

Cold BUR Roofing Type

One of the great reasons why you should install tar and gravel roofing is that it offers you options. The other installation option is cold tar and gravel roofing system.

Cold built-up roofing is applied or sprayed with a squeegee. As you guess it, it does not require hot asphalt for its installation. Instead, this process requires only cold adhesives for the membrane’s installation.

One of the best things about cold BUR roof system is that it doesn’t emanate toxic fumes, and it doesn’t mean a fire risk for your property.

We also recommend cold build-up roofing since it has better performance when compared to hot build-up roofing.

Top Benefits of Build Up or Tar and Gravel Roofing You Cannot Miss!

If you still doubt why you should install tar and gravel roofing, we bring here many reasons to validate this project.

After reading all the benefits of installing a tar and gravel roof, you’ll realize that your property will be better off with it.

So, let’s see what a BUR roofing has to offer you.

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1. BUR Roofing is Highly Durable!

Most of the flat roofs are the favorite roofing method for businesses, but you can also install flat roofs to your home, of course, if the design of the house was meant for flat roofs.

One of the best things about this type of flat roof is that it is highly durable. With proper installation and some maintenance, tar and gravel roofing can last 40 years.

2. It Protects Your Property from UV Rays!

Ultraviolet rays aren’t only harmful to your health, but they also have a significant impact on the roofing materials you use.

At least, we can use sunscreen when we go to the beach, go hiking, or when staying outdoors for a few hours.

But your roof doesn’t have sunscreen. In fact, your roof will have to bear it all through many years. Sun, rain, snow, wind, etc. They are the ultimate heroes.

BUR Roofing Protects Your Property from UV Rays

One of the reasons why you should install tar and gravel roofing is that it is extra protection against UV rays.

The critical element is the gravel coating. The extra coat of gravel is what protects your roofing membrane for harmful UV rays.

So, if you own or if you are thinking to get a built-up roof, you should make sure the gravel layer is intact.

When the gravel is intact, you flat roof will last for 40 years and sometimes more.

Our primary purpose today is to let you know all the reasons why you should install tar and gravel roofing. And we will achieve it by letting you know all the relevant details about this roofing type.

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