Protect Your Investment with Commercial Roofing in Middletown NY

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Protect Your Investment with Commercial Roofing in Middletown NY

Protect Your Investment with Commercial Roofing in Middletown NY

Investing in commercial roofing is certainly investing for the well-being and prosperity of your business. That is why you must make sure to choose the right roofing type and the most qualified roofing contractor for your commercial roofing in Middletown NY.

I know it sounds like cliché, but your commercial roof is the ultimate protection against rain, ice, snow, and wind.

And that is right, your business protection starts from the top, and that is why it should be on top of your priorities.

Protect your personnel and stakeholders, protect your merchandise, and protect your customer relations. All of this can be done with the proper roofing system for your company.

Forget about leaking, forget about damaged merchandise, and forget about losing business. You just have to call our roofing specialists to get a prompt, affordable, and durable roofing solution.

Roofing Contractor
Superior Contracting II Inc. is expert in commercial roofing in Middletown NY. We have been protecting your business relations over more than 25 years.

In this way, we have gained the trust of our favorite business owner, you. Since you are a smart business owner, you know the importance of commercial roofing in Middletown NY. Give us a call today , so we can deliver the most durable, affordable, and reliable roofing results.

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Why is Good Quality Commercial Roofing in Middletown NY so important?

Besides protecting you, your loved ones, your merchandise, your row materials, and business assets, commercial roofing has another purpose, and that is to reflect your business image.

It is common sense that a client of any business will prefer to go to a place that is appealing and structurally safe.

But let’s put us in the shoes of a client. Please follow me in this scenario.

Imagine yourself, getting inside the clothing store “Shopping Break.” After some minutes, rain began to fall.

While you are looking around, enjoying the moment to buy something, you notice that water starts leaking through the roofing structure.

What’s your immediate impression of “Shopping Break”?

We are sure that you will realize that the business owner does not take care of the structural well-being of the store. Which translates to the business owner doesn’t care even about his own business, why would he/she care about others or something else?

So, you decide just lo leave, without buying anything.

But the effect does not stop there.

There is a Bigger Force Called: Word of Mouth

A normal client, the one that could have been a customer, can start spreading the word that the owner doesn’t care about your business. The message can start with: the store has a leaky roof, the owner is just careless about his business image, his workers, his business assets, etc.

This can even get to the point where the word spreader can tell the other person not to even bother to take his shopping break in the “Shopping Break” Store.

To avoid this from happening to your business (no matter what type of business you own), you can be always prepared by hiring the best installation services of commercial roofing in Middletown NY.

A water leak will definitely destroy your merchandise, your business assets, and your reputation or business image in general. So, it is truly important that you keep on top of your roofing care.

In this way, you’ll protect your tangible assets, and at the same time, you’ll protect your intangible asset, which is the prestige of your company.

Remember that reflecting the best of you is really important for getting respect and the recognition of all your potential customers.

So our final message is the following: “Don’t let that a single roof leak destroys your business image.

Why flat roofing is the trend in commercial roofs?

As you know most of the businesses in Middletown are restaurants, cafes, stores, bars, and banks. And most of them use flat roofs.

Here is why:


affordable roofingHaving a flat roof system allows you to utilize every inch of your facility indoors space. Also, the amount of material needed and the cost makes of it an affordable option.


Flat roofs are an excellent investment since they are durable. It does not matter if you live in a cold place like Middletown NY or a hot place like Florida, for instance. This is because flat roofing types are design to resist water, snow, sun, rain, and strong winds.


Energy costs are a significant expense for any business. Thus why, when running a business, every penny you save in energy is worth.

As a matter of fact, flat roofs prevent heat loss during the cold winter and keep your premises with fresh air during summer.

Easy to Fix

A flat roof offers a safe working setting. Since it is safer than steep roofs, this makes it easier for roofers to move over it and do the repairs, while safe.

You might be thinking: these are general benefits. What about which type of flat roofing fits better to my needs, taste, and budget?

Which are my commercial roofing options?

When it comes to a structural element as important as roofing, you must make a careful decision. By making the right decision, you can have roofing protection for many years to come.

Most common types of commercial roofing in Middletown NY are TPO, EPDM, Modified bitumen, and Built-up roof (BUR).


TPO Roofing

This is a lightweight system and a highly reflective roofing membrane. So, your business will keep fresh inside even on a sunny day.

Besides being reflective, it is resistant to ultraviolet light, which is why it is a durable and resilient roofing membrane.

When it comes to life span, you can trust the protection of your business to TPO for more than 2 decades.


This is a very durable roofing option. EPDM roofing membrane can protect your business operations from 25-30 years.

Modified Bitumen

It offers significant resistance to foot traffic, tears, and punctures.

Also, modified bitumen roofing helps you safe energy since it reflects the sun light. By installing it, you’ll keep your business premises with fresh air at a lower energy cost.

Built-Up Roof (BUR) System

BUR roof systemDue to its many layers, BUR roof systems prove to be a great insulator and waterproof.

It is also very appealing roofing type since it is finished with gravel.

So, you will not only invest in a roof with 20 to 30 years of lifespan but also on a beautiful roofing option.

It does not matter what type of commercial roofing you want to install; we’ll make sure that all your problems with your commercial roofing in Middletown NY are solved.

Here at Superior Contracting II Inc., we are experts on any of these roofing types. We have the right tools, equipment, materials, but most important the talent and knowledge to deliver only superb quality results. As we said it before roofing should be on top of your priorities. Get in contact with us today, so we can assist you by protecting your business premises and relations.

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