Protect your business with TPO roofing systems in New Windsor NY

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Protect your business with TPO roofing systems in New Windsor NY

Protect your business with TPO roofing systems in New Windsor NY

Your roof is a fundamental part of your property. As such, it’s not something you can neglect. When it comes to commercial properties, many structures, old and new, count with flat roof systems. For the last decades, manufacturers have sought to create the best flat roof. So, we’ll see why TPO roofing systems in New Windsor NY are an excellent choice.

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Indeed, the right combination of good materials and installers is what makes any TPO roofing installation great. It’s time for you to know the benefits of TPO roofs!
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Advantages of getting TPO roofing systems in New Windsor NY

First, let’s review some fundamentals. TPO is a type of single-ply roofing membrane; it stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. Basically, single-ply membranes consist of sheets of rubber hot air-welded and chemically adhered to insulation. As such, they add the necessary protection for your commercial roof.

TPO has become incredibly popular nowadays. In fact, its demand just keeps increasing by the day. In average, the TPO roofing cost for a 1,200 sq. ft. flat roof ranges from $5.50 to $7.50 per square foot. However, the overall cost will depend on insulation quality and labor costs.

Let’s review the best benefits of TPO roofing installation.

High resistance to punctures

The point of a flat roof is that it’s easier to walk over it. As such, you need it to resist the weight of people without being torn apart. This feature makes TPO an excellent choice against punctures. So, don’t worry about damaging the roof just by inspecting it!

Moreover, the accumulation of debris won’t damage your roof, either. By calling our TPO installers at Superior Contracting II, you guarantee a roof that withstands punctures, impact, and tears throughout its lifespan.

Great flexibility

TPO’s flexibility not only helps against punctures but also to remain unaffected by the building’s movement and settling. Therefore, TPO is a great choice for new construction projects, too!

In addition, you want a roof that will perform well against a strong winter in the Hudson Valley. So, the flexible TPO sheets won’t have any issues against low temperatures.

Environmentally friendly

Installing TPO RoofInstalling a TPO roof is one of the most environmentally-friendly choices for your property. First of all, its UV-reflecting abilities make it stand out among competitors.

Usually, the absorption of UV rays by roofing systems creates a heat island effect in urban areas. On the contrary, the more structures reflect UV rays, the better for the environment.

Moreover, our TPO roofing systems in New Windsor NY are 100% recyclable! Very few roofing materials can claim such a feat. If you need to replace the membranes, these can be completely recycled to manufacture new ones. For any conscious business owner, TPO roofs are the best.

Superior energy efficiency

Yes! The energy efficiency of TPO roofs is as superior as our services! Since they reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it helps you to get cooler indoor temperatures.

In fact, it’s for this reason that commercial TPO roofs are ENERGY STAR rated. The solar reflective feature of TPO basically prevents your HVAC system to waste energy.

As a result, your business will have a more comfortable indoor ambiance throughout the year, and you will reduce your HVAC costs noticeably.

TPO is good for the environment, adds comfort to your property, and saves you money – all at the same time! Isn’t it great?

Resistant material and seams

Resistant material and seamsThe resistance of TPO is not bound to punctures. In fact, your roof installation withstands dirt, algae, bacteria, and debris. Of course, these are examples based on common usage. However, this type of roof is also highly resistant to chemicals, acidic substances, salt, etc.

In addition, the hot-air welded seams between sheets are quite strong, even more than adhesive and tape. Most of the problems with the seams have to do with an unequal application of heat. Thus, you must make sure to trust this project to an expert like Superior Contracting II!

All these factors make TPO roof’s durability impossible to deny!

Experts for TPO roofing systems in New Windsor NY

Experts for TPO roofing systems in New Windsor NYBut then, every type of roof needs proper maintenance to last. Often, manufacturers show their confidence by granting good warranty policies. However, your roof does age. When this happens, TPO roof coating is the best way to go.

You don’t have to get rid of your TPO when it starts to wear. Just call our crew to get a quality TPO roof coating.

However, Superior Contracting II also offers top-quality TPO roof repair, should you ever need it. Indeed, our TPO roof repair service will renew your roof for many years to come.

Our professionals at Superior Contracting II have the skills, equipment, and commitment to serve you with the highest quality. We’re the #1 partner for your TPO roofing systems in New Windsor NY. Get in touch with us today!

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