Main Characteristics of Wood and Vinyl Siding Installations

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Main Characteristics of Wood and Vinyl Siding Installations

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characteristics of vinyl and wood siding installations

Main Characteristics of Wood and Vinyl Siding Installations

Vinyl siding installations are so popular today. Nonetheless, is it better than wood siding? Or is wood still the king?

Let’s discover what benefits can give you both materials.

Wood vs. vinyl siding installations

Vinyl siding installation

Think about it.

When was the last time that you see a vinyl siding? Probably, you saw it today.

The fact is that vinyl is a material that has earned popularity over the last couple of years. It’s almost impossible of not finding a house without vinyl siding installations in the US.

Therefore, is it good for you to use vinyl at your house?

By acquiring a vinyl siding installation, you will notice that its costs are lower than wood. Also, you will have several color and style options to include in your project.

Another good point is that the maintenance costs are less expensive than other siding materials such as wood. Thus, you won’t spend too much money on repair services.

Great points, right? Nonetheless, we also have to check the negatives features of vinyl siding installations.

Vinyl is toxic. Plus, although you will be locating your vinyl siding outside your house, you can suffer from intoxication in case of fire.

Vinyl is a plastic. Furthermore, it will shatter by different events such as a ball impacting the material. Also, as part of its thermodynamic characteristics, vinyl expands and obtains distinct shapes – it’s difficult to fix to its normal shape once this happens.

Wood siding installation

 learn the best characteristics of wood siding installationsWood siding has lost popularity because of the integration of vinyl in several places around the United States –especially in New York.

However, it offers many benefits to homeowners. Thus, attractiveness and durability are the main characteristics of wood siding installations.

Wood has been the preferred material for several years in the past. Plus, it gives your house a more natural appearance although it is more expensive than vinyl.

One of the key points why wood is still a great siding material is because of the easiness to get painted. In other words, vinyl doesn’t seem like it needs painting services. Nonetheless, it does.

When vinyl colors fade, you need to repaint the surface. Now, you need to be careful about this because it’s very difficult to paint vinyl siding installations. There is not a great and unsurpassed product that ensures the best finishes.

On the other hand, wood siding installations are easier to paint as well as they won’t change its shape because of high temperatures.

If you think that wood will suffer from moisture, it will depend on how your contractors apply the primer and prepare the wood prior to a painting process.

Can we give you a hand with your project?If you want more information about the material you want for your new project, you can contact us. We will be honored for providing the information you need and a free estimate for your project.

Both wood and vinyl siding installations are great options.

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